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BIRD CONTROL is a company with over 20 years of experience in the market. We are an institution that operates in many different areas. About 6 years ago we created a fully ecological pest (bird) control program using the most basic system, ie through the presence of natural predators in the areas affected by the pests. Unlike other methods used (eg air cannons, etc.), which act in a static and cyclic manner, with our method, invading birds, when aware of the presence of a natural predator, consider that this site no longer offers safely and naturally escape to other locations. What may in some ways seem like a simple process is not. This method is applied by our professionals in a methodical way so that the results are visible in a short time, however, in order to have lasting effects it is essential that it be applied continuously, otherwise it will only be a temporary solution.

At this moment, we have several locations where we are developing this type of control with above average satisfaction from our customers, namely in the Ports of Madeira Island, Funchal airport, in several hotel units in the Southern Continent and in central zone of the country.

It is a public utility service, as these pests not only cause great social unrest but are also a huge source of disease spread.

This control system has the great advantage that it can be applied in various places outdoors and also indoors, and can be adapted and adjusted according to customer needs.

Regarding licenses and certificates, when hiring our services, a folder with all the legal documentation necessary for the performance of the activity is delivered.

For many sectors of agriculture the damage caused by bird pests can be quite large, with tragic economic repercussions. This is a problem that should not be ignored, and effective and cost-effective measures must be taken to ward off pests and minimize the damage caused by these flocks of birds.

Our Company uses a very effective method with almost immediate results to solve this problem that affects much of the agricultural sector.

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